We played spiderman, but was it really that good? Ronell and Special Guest Aaron (@AaronDaTaurean) talks Spiderman While LJ well, Listens. LJ explains his reasoning for not buying the game or whatever. Then they talk about Captain Marvel and MBJ becoming Superman.

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In this weeks web of Adventures we talk SPIDERMAN and the expectation of games from trailers. Then Ronell & LJ discuss the puddles that has the gaming community in disaaray. Ronell and LJ tells stories about which games sold them a dream. Lj talks about his new found plan to become a flipper. And oh Ronell was called a N***** find out why on this weeks episode of The 8-Bit Closed Fist.

This weeks episode of The 8-bit Closed Fist is an intense one!

During our discussion on the madden tragedy Ronell,Lj and our suprise guest Dame dives into the questions that a lot of people asked following the tragic events. Afterward we talked about #Comicsgate and what the hell it is. LJ revealed some shocking truths toward his opinions on comicsgate and Ronell calls for a look into the psychology of it all.

Dame Mentions his many projects why discussing some of the thoughts that were passed around his own radio show.

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This weeks episode we run through a couple highlights from Gamescon 2018 like Diablo 3 for switch and the new overwatch map and animated short. While talking about overwatch LJ release a little bit of frustration to the world talking about ranked. Then we talk about Denzel Washington and what superhero he should play if any at all. We also talk about why celebrities want to be superheroes in the first place.

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On this weeks episode, Ronell and Lj Discuss Ninjas comments on streaming with women and Nintendos attack against sites that host ROMs. Ronell explains the need to keep those ROM sites alive. Lj speaks about our own embarrassing run-in with not being politically correct. Tune-in now!

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